Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Problems With The Big Bang (Part 1)

In this first post, I will list some problems with the big bang.

1) Inflationary Theory: In order for the big bang to be true, something known as inflation had to occur.  Unfortunately, this involves an expansion of the universe that is faster than light speed.  Consequently, inflation is impossible as it violates Einstein's relativity theory.

2) The Omega Ratio: If the big bang occurred, the density of the universe, known as the omega ratio, should be roughly equal to 1.  However, the omega ratio has been calculated to be only around .2 (80% less than expected). 

3) The universe is accelerating: If the universe was created in an explosion, the universe would expand and eventually slow down due to gravitational forces.  But it most certainly would NOT accelerate.  The expansion is clearly caused by something other than a big bang.

4) Violations of thermodynamics: If an explosion occurred and created all matter, the matter would be heated to very high degrees.  In order for the matter to cool down, that heat would have to be transferred to some other matter.  But if all matter was created in this explosion, it would all be very hot. 
Thermodynamics states that energy transfer is always from hot to cold.  Therefore, the universe would never have cooled if it were created by a big bang.

There are other problems as well that I will address in future posts.  In the meantime, you can help my research in disproving the big bang.